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Semester-long Undergrad and Graduate-level Courses

Semester-long undergrad and graduate-level courses

Dr. Abit classroom instructionSOIL 4363 –Environmental Soil Science –Offered in the Fall Semester

Presentations of soil processes and interpretation for natural resource management; land reclamation; identification of wetlands; oil and soil damages; impact of fertilizer, pesticide and other agricultural chemicals on soil and water quality; water resources; long-term soil erosion and landscape formation; transformations of manure, sewage sludge, and other organic by-products.

SOIL 4463 –Soil and Water Conservation and Management –Offered in the Spring Semester

Assess the importance, quality and quantity of soil and water as natural resources for ecosystems and societies. Principles of soil erosion processes and management practices to decrease erosion in urban, cropland and rangeland systems. Understand the principles of hydrology cycle to improve water use efficiency of precipitation and irrigation resources. Examine resource mismanagement that have resulted in desertification, salinization and deforestation.